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My name is Lahouceine Ait Lmaalem (Asni), I am a manager at Atlas Vertical Company. Specialising in Trekking and all Sports related activities in Morocco.
I was born in the Atlas Mountains it's there where i grew up aswell. It's there where i made a group from the nature. I grew up with my parents, we are from Berber origins.
Until now i am still with parents. It's very common in the Atlas Mountains for 3 or 4 generations living together. In the village where i was born there was no electricity, no access to road, no water in the houses. There was no flat areas where we could play Football.

My aim from the beginning was to become a French teacher. To become a teacher meant doing a different job than what i do as a hobby. My hobbies are Climbing, Hiking, Cycling. All what is Mountain Sports and all what in nature. I don't feel confortable giving lessons in a classroom. I prefer to give lessons in the terrain outside. It's very important to like your job. Once you get a certain moment where you don't have that big love for your job, It's better to set off, to stop and do something else. This is why i found if i do the Guiding i will be able to give more.

Since 2010 i worked as a partner in another Company with other colleagues. We started about 5 of us to set up a Company, however i choose to setup my Company so that i control it more. I had only the money to fix the documentation. I didn't have any extra.
Thanks to my freindship with tour operators, it wasn't diffult for me to start. We have 10 Guides, 40 mule riders & 5 managers. For transportation we work with 2 companies, every company tries to be the best.

I speak berber which is my mother tongue. Arabic, French, English & Spanish. It's the question of identity. when someone speaks your language it's a direct love to your identity or culture so this is where the idea comes from. We never know how long we are going to live.

Since we are here we have to do something for our environment & future generations. I want my company to be a symbol for the protection of the environment. I'm working on developing freen tourism which will be adequate. It will have less impact on the environment.







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